Glamhive Styling Session with Conni from Art in the Find

I won a video style consult through Glamhive from one of my favorite local style bloggers, Conni Jespersen from Art in the Find! Hiring a personal stylist has been on my bucket list, and I hope to do it more often in the future. I do consider myself a bit of an expert shopper, but help from real professional experts is always appreciated … I love learning!

About Glamhive

Stephanie Sprangers founded Glamhive several years ago as a platform that rewards people for doing what they already do—sharing their style on social media. When you share a look on the Glamhive platform and someone buys something from that look, you earn a commission of points redeemable for gift cards from many brands. In 2017, Glamhive began offering virtual styling sessions by celebrity stylists and influencers. It also offers beauty services.

My styling session

My session began by filling out a personal style and needs questionnaire through the Glamhive platform. On the platform, there is also a place for messaging the stylist, so I updated my Pinterest personal style/vision board and sent that for additional reference. I like homework. (Also … my “vision” board of the future filled up with outfits, and not on purpose! Apparently, this is a vision of “future” me.)

Conni promptly contacted me to schedule a 30-minute video call and gave technical instructions for how the session would work. I prepared some questions for her in advance to make sure I used the time wisely. She suggested having a few pieces to ask about styling, or pieces I was deciding whether to keep or consign.

I have a burgundy velvet off-the-shoulder top I wasn’t sure was still in style that I was debating about consigning with the rest of my fall clothes consignment in July/August. During the call, Conni helped me determine to keep the top for now. After the call, she sent some styling suggestion photos through the Glamhive account to freshen up the top, such as wearing it with white jeans and booties or medium wash denim and leopard flats.

I recently purchased a black jumpsuit on clearance for $15, despite trying not to spend money while in school. I have never found a jumpsuit long enough in the torso to not create a wedgie, and I wasn’t ready to invest in one from Long Tall Sally or other tall retailers. I asked Conni’s advice for a jacket and shoes to pair with the new jumpsuit. Jackets because I am usually cold and the jumpsuit is sleeveless, and the wide leg cropped pant made the shoes I own look weird.

She suggested mules or block-heeled sandals, to balance the proportions of the pants. Conni sent a great idea for a denim jacket to wear with it for a different look. Casual dressing is not something I am great at, I usually like dressing up. I’ve never thought of myself as a jean jacket person but this one from Target had sleeves long enough even in the x-small size, so it wasn’t baggy. It seems like the jacket will help get more use out of my dressy clothes by making them a little more casual. I bought it and am giving it a try, because of this expert recommendation! One more recommended piece to style the outfit was a statement necklace — I’ll be on the lookout!

Conni helped with a few other questions I had, such as finding comfortable black jeans. She advises people to look at the label to make sure there isn’t more than 8% polyester so the jeans aren’t too stiff (uncomfortable for sitting) or too stretchy (sliding down every time I sit down or as I walk). She also confirmed that high-waisted styles would be less likely to slide down or need constant adjusting. I am excited to go on a black denim hunt armed with this new knowledge! Perhaps searching for white denim as well, for that burgundy top!

I love blazers and asked if it was worth tailoring blazers that cost less than $50, compared to buying new ones that already fit well. Lately, I’ve shopped for jackets with 3/4 sleeves, so I wasn’t buying bigger jackets than I needed to get the sleeves long enough. I had some older blazers in my closet from before I found that strategy. Conni is a big believer in tailoring and she said it was worth it. She also sent suggestions for blazers to try, such as these from Asos and Bloomingdales. I tried a few suggestions on at Nordstrom and saw the store offers blazer tailoring for free on full-price merchandise and for $30 (I believe) for on-sale or customer-owned merchandise … that is much more affordable than I thought and good to know! (Though I did try things in person, I will be buying items through the links provided so Conni receives affiliate rewards for her hard work!)

About Conni

Self-proclaimed style junkie and closet organizing fanatic, Conni Jespersen was a middle school history teacher for 8 years before diving full-time into her wardrobe styling business and blog, Art in the Find, in 2012. On her website, Conni describes why she chose that name: “The name of my blog, Art in the Find, was created out of a love of sharing what I find with others. I believe there’s an art in finding something special for someone. And my blog name says just that!  Art in the Find is a place where you can find affordable style inspiration, recommendations for fabulous places to share a good cup of coffee or a meal, and the occasional lifestyle & DIY idea!”

In addition to California, Conni has also lived in Toronto and Paris. I met her years ago at one of the first Creative Connection (which later changed its name to Collaborative Thread) events at West Elm San Diego. She has an adorable dachshund named Miles and is expecting a (human) baby very soon!

Conni offers closet detoxes, style consults, and signature styling through Glamhive and lists additional services on her site.

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  1. Conni Reply

    Jen, this review of your experience is amazing! I am so happy that you got so much to takeaway from our session together ? It was such a pleasure to help you and I can’t wait to help you again!

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