Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2: My Why

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Today’s post in the 10-day Freedom Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entreprenuer, is about discovering your why. Luckily, I went through a “why” exercise earlier this year as part of the Pet Profit Bootcamp from working with dog that I completed for my pet-related business, so I wasn’t starting from scratch today!

Freedom is Natalie’s top value in life, it lights her up and energizes her, it is her “why”. She says you can start to discover your why by thinking about what gets you up the the morning, your purpose. The next time you are doing anything where you are in a state of effortless flow, anything that makes you smile, that may be why you do what you do and what it is you want to do.

Thinking about why I want freedom, freedom will be having both the money and time to travel and to not worry about bills and basic living expenses, while doing work that makes me happy and fulfilled. The “why chart” I filled out earlier this year could be organized into three categories of why I do what I do, what makes me happy.

  • creating – making things such as: art, magazines, writing, brainstorming ideas, using color, photography, design of many types
  • improving – making things better such as: organizing, interior design, planning art for clients, editing both photos and writing, achieving goals, self-improvement, learning, exercise, adding beauty (through design, photography, and art), solving problems
  • discovering/exploring – finding new things such as: researching and exploring new places (restaurants, shops, and more), dreams of travel to new places (Paris is #1), searching (research, shopping, location scouting), reading, walking, music, food & coffee

blog-challenge-badge-12This post is supposed to be a maximum of 300 words, so goodbye for today!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2



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