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In honor of New York Fashion Week (Feb. 9 – 16) , this month the blog theme centers on some of the awesome fashion resources and people to follow here in San Diego. First up, one of my favorite San Diego style bloggers, Kali Passiglia of In Spades!

Kali Passiglia In Spades San Diego Fashion blogger style blog
Kali wearing one of my favorite looks from her fall trip to NYFW, a sculptural ruffled top by Johanna Ortiz. Photo courtesy of In Spades.

Kali graciously answered a few questions and sent some of her fantastic photos before she jets off to NYFW on Wednesday! Be sure to follow her blog to keep up with all her New York fashion adventures every day!

Tell us about In Spades! What inspired you to start the blog, how long have you been writing it, how did you choose the name…?

Kali: I started reading fashion blogs back in 2009 and was fascinated by the “real world” conversations women were having about personal style. I really wanted to throw my hat into the ring and join the conversation. I finally did so in late 2013 by launching In Spades.

In Spades means “in abundance”. I’m a treasure hunter, and when I put on something amazing, I feel abundant. I like to think that decades from now when people talk about me, they’ll say I had style in spades.

My goal is to bring a unique approach to personal style by combining emerging and established designers, and rare pieces with everyday staples. I strive for a high fashion element in each shoot and am not afraid to go against the grain. Each season I cover New York Fashion Week, which is the epitome of bringing the runway to reality for my readers. It’s my Dollywood.

Kali Passiglia In Spades San Diego Fashion blogger style blog
Kali and her amazing technicolor dream coat by Roksanda Marles. Photo courtesy of In Spades.

What is your favorite part about running your blog and social media?

Kali: I think every person has one artistic medium that they respond most strongly to – mine has always been fashion. The way it transforms a person and can inspire different emotions proves it’s so much more than mere necessity. Styling photo shoots and creating a mood through clothing is the best part for me. Everyone deserves to feel amazing; I love helping people realize that through personal style, those positive feelings can be achieved.

How would you suggest women dress and style themselves for success and confidence in their career and life? What kind of outfit makes you feel your best? How would you describe your personal style?

Kali: I’m a firm believer in dressing for you, and you alone. The most confident and successful women put on garments that make them feel good on the inside, and that translates to the outside. It’s basically the Marie Kondo way of dressing. Does it spark joy? If so, you’re on the right track!

Industry norms aside, there’s no other garment that fills you with confidence more than a good leather jacket. If I need a go-to outfit, it goes one of two ways. I’ll either cloak myself in as much fabric as possible – think Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – dark colors, voluminous silhouettes and multiple textures, or go with a leather jacket, sturdy denim, statement shoes and at least one cocktail ring.

Kali Passiglia In Spades San Diego Fashion blogger style blog
Pretty in pink! Kali sporting a MSGM dress during September’s NYFW. Photo courtesy of In Spades.

Who are some of your favorite fashion/style industry people to follow for inspiration and more?

Kali: Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon is my goddess. I fully intend to be her when I grow up. Eva Chen and Susie Lau provide intellectual, witty and fun outlooks into the world of fashion. They are the cool, nerd girls of fashion and I couldn’t live without their commentary. Finally, Tommy Ton has been inspiring me for years. Many of my ideas are sparked through his unique take behind the lens.

Thank you so much, Kali! I look forward to seeing your take on Fashion Week in a few days!

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