Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3: My Perfect Day


Photo credit: Bellie Road Photography. Me on my perfect, warm, and sunny day, with Tawny dog! With my favorite purple jacaranda trees, and a modern apartment building I could live in, and in my favorite neighborhood!

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Today’s post in the 10-day Freedom Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entreprenuer, is about describing your perfect day. What does your future you look like, and how are you gonna find it and make it happen if you don’t know what it looks like? Natalie says one of her favorite quotes is, “whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

I have done a “perfect day” exercise before in things like Alicia Caine’s Happy Place in 2012 (no longer available but here’s a review) and the Working with Dog pet business bootcamp earlier this year I mentioned yesterday. I reviewed those notes to see if my perfect day was still similar!

On my perfect day, I wake up early and easily to bright and warm apartment. I take my dog Tawny out for a minute, then feed her, eat a little healthy breakfast, exercise, shower, and get ready for the sunny day. I walk Tawny through Little Italy or downtown and stop for a coffee and probably a delicious pastry as well, hopefully finding something/somewhere new and interesting along the way that I hadn’t seen before. I catch up on what online friends and inspiration sites are doing, and maybe spend a few minutes on planning my next European vacation. Sometime during the day I create something beautiful: a photograph, design, painting…something. Create! This could include working on interesting Fetchlight work (the blogging, location scouting, or creating side of things, not the accounting and bill paying side of things!), or a few hours of other interesting work as long as it feels like I am creating or helping create something, or solving problems and being useful. I drop Tawny off at a dog sitter if I go out, so I don’t worry about her getting into trouble at home. At some point I do some fun shopping, or go to an art gallery, listening to a learn-a-language program in my car on the way if I drive there. I get dressed up to eat out with friends somewhere hip for dinner, with a great atmosphere and delicious food. Afterwards I get Tawny from the dog sitter and snuggle with her watching a movie at the end of the night. I read part of a fun fiction book before falling asleep.

blog-challenge-badge-12This sounds like a 48-hour day, squeezing in as many things I enjoy as possible!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3



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