Day 6 of the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge: Tribes and Mentors

Photo credit: Bino Storyteller, Unsplash
Photo credit: Bino Storyteller, Unsplash

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Today’s post in the 10-day Freedom Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entreprenuer, is about finding your tribe. Natalie says finding mentors is very important, especially if no one you know is an entrepreneur or is living the life you want to lead.

blog-challenge-badge-12Today’s challenge is to find one or two people living the kind of life you want and whose tribe you want to be part of, then write about why and one question you’d ask them. The two people who are fresh on my mind are Garance Doré the fashion photographer, illustrator and writer whose book “Love, Style, Life” I started reading this week, and Emily Weiss from Glossier and Into the Gloss, who I read an article about this morning.  I think these two are really stylish, savvy, creative women who are doing things I’d like to be a part of, fashion- and beauty-related businesses and blogs. They seem successful enough to live a fabulous life of travel and style without worrying about basic bills. There are tons of other women whose tribe I’d like to be a part of, including some of the amazing local ladies I’ve met at Collaborative Thread events such as the Get it Done Gals (who I coincidentally saw at dinner tonight), but these two are on my mind today!

I would ask them about their advice on how best to begin working at or with beauty and fashion in the online/creative/marketing/writing side as opposed to the fashion designer and product designer side of the industry. I would imagine their advice would be to start a fashion or beauty blog, but I’m not sure that is exactly the right fit for what I think I would be good at, more like how can I help fashion and beauty brands spread their message and be a part of their creative process for their emails and other marketing I love. I know some people hate advertising emails, but many of the ones I like resemble mini magazines in my inbox each day, with beautiful photos, design, and copy, so I look forward to them! How does someone get involved with the email marketing or other digital marketing in a fashion or beauty brand, I suppose my more succinct question would be! And I’d also like to ask their best advice for doing this somewhere other than NYC, because I do not plan on moving back there any time soon. I think I am allergic to winter. 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

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