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I’ve been planning the blog this year to focus on Women+Business+Style, a combination of passions which I hadn’t figured out how to share before. Hooray for a direction! January’s posts center on some fabulous resources for San Diego businesses, particularly on women-owned businesses.

First up: Social Studio Shop!

social studio shop

Who is Social Studio Shop?

I think I met Jess at a Collaborative Thread / Creative Connection event a few years ago, then attended one of her networking events, and have been following her and her company every since. Social Studio Shop focuses on “social media training for boss babes looking to build purpose-driven strategies!” They offer 1-on-1 consulting, workshops, online courses, and more. Even just getting their email newsletter (love the “what we’re loving right now” section) and reading their blog posts can be SUPER helpful, there is so much great content, such as this recent article on how to find professional advice for your boss babe business.

Jessica Howell, CEO, has been coaching entrepreneurs and bloggers on social media marketing and digital strategy for many years. She has a BFA in photography so she really knows how to make killer visuals for her business and yours as well! (Seriously, if you’re not following the @social_studio Instagram account, you are missing out!) She founded Social Studio Shop in 2014 and has brought on several team members including: business manager Samantha Welker, whose Harvard business background combined with her own business coaching experience at Little Petunia Consulting is quite impressive; graphic designer Cortney Wood of Alvarado Creative Co; and community cultivators Gina Topley and Emily Meade.

Upcoming Events and Workshops:

January 11: Social Hour
Communal Coffee, 2335 University Ave, 5-8pm, buy tickets below.

Get the chance to sit down with a wide variety of professionals who can help grow your boss babe business, including social media (obviously), business start-up (finances, etc.), branding, graphic design, photography, web design, and public relations. See more info and buy tickets here.


January 25: Goal Setting for the Bad Ass Girl Boss
Communal Coffee, 2335 University Ave, 4-7pm, buy tickets below.

I think the workshop name speak for itself! January = set those goals! See info and buy tickets here.


I look forward to seeing these ladies at future events and will probably feature them again, stay tuned!

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