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The blog this year will focus on Women+Business+Style, and January’s posts center on some fabulous resources for San Diego businesses, particularly on women-owned businesses. First was Social Studio Shop, then Collaborative Thread.

Now here’s a little about one of my favorite San Diego female entrepreneur coaching and strategy teams, Get It Done Gals

Who are the Get It Done Gals?

Founded in 2013, the Get It Done Gals are known for “building simple and successful businesses with strategy, a get-it-done mentality and giving women the clarity and confidence they need to step into their CEO panties and craft the life and business of their dreams,” they say on their about page. Check out their video filming around Little Italy and read more about them here. You know I’m all about women supporting women, so I love following these ladies and their words of inspiration on Instagram and more.

Lindsey Morando started her career building the marketing department of a restaurant chain from the ground up. A brief stint in solo consulting followed, then Lululemon corporate came calling. As a result of that hard work, she moved onto other fitness company opportunities, as well as speaking and writing. Lindsey recently published a book titled, It’s Just the Beginning…

Nicole Lombardo started her career in real estate development and marketing, launched several successful businesses in her twenties, and met Lindsey in 2013 when they founded this business, previously called Marketing Co-op. She lived in New Zealand for a year to experience location freedom.

Together, Nicole and Lindsey have 20 years of marketing experience and over 200 successful clients.

I believe I first met these awesome ladies at a Collaborative Thread event a few years ago. I highly recommend following them on social media, and signing up for their email list to learn about their latest resources and coaching offers that you should take advantage of in the future.


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